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INSR Dynamic Risk Engine

The INSR Dynamic Risk Engine (DRE) creates a dynamic Digital Twin that integrates multiple data sources (e.g. weather data, elevation, traffic, etc.) to generate a location-based risk score that reflects real-time context. 


The INSR DRE acts as the pricing engine for all INSR insurance products. Working behind the scenes, it creates unique risk scores for each type of risk and looks at how the circumstances in surrounding cells influence that risk score updating it continuously.

3D Geospatial Grid

Locations are linked to their unique digital node in our cell-based grid and are in constant communication with each other so that every insurance model is calibrated according to local parameters.

AI Risk Profiling

Our insurance models are able to include different data sources to measure geo-specific attributes (based on location, environment, and contextual specifics) for hyper-specific risk profiling.

Smart Contracts

Enabling the automated updating of premium particulars, coverage increases or decreases and the addition of new riders or assets to simplify insurance and offer flexible payments and coverage options.

INSR allows for full flexibility and automation to record, manage and control insurance policies.

INSR Smart Platform

INSR Smart Platform enables parametric and other smart solutions, the integration of multiple data sources and allows for hyper-localized, hyper-personalized and scalable products – at low costs.

Our platform provides  seamless information management, continuous updates and reporting based on hyper-specific attributes (e.g. region, type of risk, type of customer, type of policy, coverage levels, risk weighted assets, etc.).

INSR Solutions for Social Impact

INSR Parametric

the uninsured
Moving from asset insurance to location insurance we create an inclusive solution for customers who due to their location would fall outside the reach of standard home insurance. Through a peer-to-peer platform and covering CAT risks we simplify the claims process while ensuring cheap distribution. 

INSR GeoHome

home insurance
Utilizing localized and dynamic risk analysis data our Proprietary Risk Engine enables the simplified request and fulfilment of insurance changes based on geo-specific attributes and the automation of dynamic risk scoring for any home in any location and at any point of time.


claims solution
Eliminating fraud by utilizing location-based, ID and device data to create an automated channel for secure data exchange between insurers and customers. Every interaction is recorded in our blockchain network and is accessible any time.

INSR SmartHome

Connected is
Going beyond the standard cover levels we have created a tailored smart solution that screens and identifies all network-connected devices to automatically implement them into the insurance policy and improve user experience.



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